We are a creative-led agency

that loves ideas, challenging the status quo 

and of course, being merry.

Merry Men is not just an agency. We are your Brand Partners

We assess your brand's challenges in the marketplace,
strategize to disrupt, and then create powerful brand stories 
in offline and online mediums. Very often, we come on board
at an early stage of the brand, helping chart the course
and building the brand from scratch. 

We work with all kinds of clients from Fortune 500 brands to challengers and startups. But they all have one thing in common, the need to disrupt. 


Partners in building the brand.

Merry Men was the name of the legendary army in the folktale of Robinhood. They used ingenious strategies to defeat armies 

many times their size.  

Great ideas are born out of daydreams.


Merry Men, Co-founder


Leapbridge website

Mahindra First Choice Film

Tippler Social Media Campaign

MooShake branding and integrated campaign

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